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Just another brink in the wall... - First Class Trudging
An Ongoing Journal of Sober Living
Just another brink in the wall...
And I think I'm building a

Last night i got out of WakeMed, the local "big" hosital. There are three, and all three are in the top five Heart Centers in the US. It is where I had my bypass surgery and who wrote the letters to authenticate my application for disaibility.

I called 911 Wednesday night/ Thursday morning. I couldn't breath. I've had trouble breathing for months, but this was bad. I could only breath sitting on the edge of a seat or the bed, and leaning foreward.

I called 911 and they sent out medics, who called an ambulance and I was in the ER in 20 minutes. It was looking like I had another heart attck, but there were things that didn't fit - like my heart was performing just as well as it was before (I get LOTS of doctor's appointments).

My old comedy partner has COPD so I have someone who knows me and can help me out with that.

This means I will have to give up some of my overcommitments ... and that really means I need to throw out more of my clutter -- which I was planning on doing. I actually found a 12-Step group called Clutterer's Anonymous. It might SOUND like a joke, but it is serious and, like the other 12-Step programs, the things I gather (and won't throw out) are NOT the problem. It is an indoator of more work to be done in me.

I had been quite pleased that i have been able to get shod of a lot of thigns already. In LA and San Francisco I had multi room appointments filld ... and I am talking paths blazed to get through rooms. When I left california I redued 4 rooms of collected boxes, books, recores and and tapes (into which I lump my eClutter of CDs and DVDs) down to one moving rental truck and the inside of my pick'em up truck.

When I left for North Carolina I further reduced my world to what fit in my pick up (1992 Mitsubishi, not a big pick up) and the nose of a friend's moving van to Virginia - about 10x8x4 so about 20 boxes, my big chair and some bookcaes.

My stuff in North Carolina has grown a bit, but it is now in a half a bedroom, plus another half a bedroom (that is about a full room I guess) plus the clutter in my shed - 8x10x10, but only about 1/3 full.

My goal is to reduce all this down to one half a room - which should fit in a 2 bedroom mobile home.

I'll post more about that as it happens - people who know me know my clutter problem and the difficulty it has been to have me as a roommate as a result of that problem.

I've wasted enough time that I can take my breathing treatment and go to bed. I think I'll get some sleep.

And now for something completely different:

Current Mood: sick sick

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jcfiala From: jcfiala Date: November 1st, 2009 04:02 pm (UTC) (Link)
Sorry to hear that...

Yeah, I've got a lot of clutter myself. Just got some new bookshelves, so that's helping a little.

I'm not looking forward to having to deal with my dad's basement - it's packed with stuff, with just a few paths winding through the mess to get to the other doors.
jcfiala From: jcfiala Date: November 1st, 2009 04:06 pm (UTC) (Link)
Oh, and that's not for Skyrealms, it's for you in general. That's just the first place I could find a paypal.
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